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I'm Ashley B, an emerging potter with a focus on function and whimsy. I first met pottery at a community college hand building class. I got my hands muddy and fell in love. It wouldn't be for several years later, during the pandemic, when I would fully dive into pottery. I bought myself a wheel and taught myself to throw. I signed up at my local Saturday Market and started selling my work. It was rough and I was new but the response from people  told me I was on to something.


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My Story

My work is wheel thrown and hand-carved. It's made with a local porcelain, smooth and creamy. I enjoy capturing flora and fauna wrapped in whimsy. My work is often monochromatic and bold. Before pottery I was a charcoal artist. drawing representational work in black and white. I've always been captured by the power of contrast. You can't have light with out dark, the two together is what creates the visual experience. My work is highly focused on function. The ability to take the earth we walk on and transform it into a tangible functional item that some one can use and cherish gives my life purpose. My mission is to share the joy of clay, to share the ever evolving journey of creativity. To share beautiful things that can bring joy to mundane moments.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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